Mou: Weather Affects Team Performance

Mou: Weather Affects Team Performance

Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho said his players were affected by the weather when dealing with Southampton Judi Bola Online.

There are some who questioned the performance of the Red Devils players who look weak and less energetic look.

“Yes I really understand them when the end of the game they are very slow motion like no spirit, this seems due to the influence of weather that does not support,” said Mourinho.

“I will understand if I feel immediately there is something wrong, but I also do not hesitate to scold them if there is nothing that affects the team.”

PSBS Biak Sure Can Points at Persebaya Cage

PSBS Biak Sure Can Points at Persebaya Cage

PSBS Biak is optimistic to steal points when hosted by Persebaya Surabaya in the inaugural match of the last 16 of Group C League 2 at Gelora Bung Tomo Stadium on Friday (9/22/2017).

PSBS Biak coach, Franky Samai confirmed if 100% of players ready to go down in the inaugural game. He considered Persebaya is a good team because it is very compact.

“According to my perspective this Persebaya all the lines should be watch out for not just the front line, middle and back they are a compact team, and our team is ready 100% motivated to play against group winners with thousands of fans who see,” said Franky, Thursday (21 / 9/2017).

Franky expects the match against Persebaya will be tight. Because Bajul Ijo has three players from Papua and a coach who has handled teams from Papua.

“Playing opponents of this Papuan club that we’ve been waiting for and playing in front of thousands of supporters is the biggest challenge for players to be trained,” continued Franky.

Meanwhile Daniel Karedi, PSBS Biak team manager hopes tomorrow gives an interesting spectacle for the audience. “Our team is ready to play and I hope to give you the best game in this early game,” he said.

Souness: Lukaku Can Be Greater Of Drogba!

Souness: Lukaku Can Be Greater Of Drogba!

Graeme Souness believes that Romelu Lukaku has the potential to get past Didier Drogba’s goal record.

In the last six games, the Belgian striker successfully contributed six goals, and Souness publicly stated that the striker is a sensational player.

“I think he is a sensational player,” the former Newcastle United manager told reporters.

“In the present era, getting a central striker, with his playing style, is a very difficult thing to do. Most of them, always interested in the ball. ”

“But Lukaku is an ancient striker, who likes to play by utilizing the width of the penalty box. He wants to run forward without mastering the ball.

“When you talk about ways to stretch the team, if you are a midfielder, you will want a player who is always away from you. It gives you more space and time. ”

“I think the strength, speed, and energy of my Lukaku, is something that is hard to find in the present era.”

“In many aspects, he is a striker with ancient characteristics. He is Drogba! For me, he can even be a player more powerful than Drogba. “

Ter Stegen has no intention of revenge on Juventus

Ter Stegen has no intention of revenge on Juventus

Barcelona goalkeeper Marc-Andre Ter Stegen admitted that his team did not intend to take revenge on Juventus Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

In last year’s Champions League stage, Juventus eliminated Barcelona in the quarter-finals, with the Bianconeri successfully winning 3-0 on aggregate.

The German goalkeeper considers it a good motivation, ahead of the opening group D match against Juventus later on, but he insists that his team is not revenge with the defeat.

“We do not intend to reply anything,” the goalkeeper told reporters. “Last year was a year ago. We want to focus on this year, and we want to show what we can do. ”

“In our first few games in La Liga, we started the season pretty well. When you do not concede, scoring nine goals, winning three games, you will be happy. ”

“We have an idea, and how to play. We want to win, and we’re not looking for anything else. ”

“We certainly make changes, and adjust everything with the idea of ​​the coach. We want to fill some different spaces, and play the other way.

“But I believe we have a team that is good enough, to be able to play the system. We can change that at any time. “

Santi Cazorla’s Back Practicing

Santi Cazorla’s Back Practicing

Coming to face Bournemouth next weekend. Arsene Wenger as Arsenal tactician confirms Santi Cazorla has been following long-term injury post training.

Menepinya the player because when strengthening the Gunners against Ludogorets in the Champions League last season Santi suffered an Achilles injury which makes it must get eight times opereasi.

However, the players in the rumors will soon hang up shoes it is now better. But Arsene insists will not directly play in the Premier League match and Europa League this summer.

“He has a run on his first day, so it is quite positive, his flexibility, his ankle looks good, his mobility looks good, now by returning to fitness without any setbacks,” Arsene Wenger told the media.

“It’s hard to predict when he’s going to be available again, but it’s almost impossible to manage his time, which is certainly not before Christmas. That’s why I did not involve him in the Europa League, hopefully after Christmas he will be available.

“Yes, but he has not played for over a year, where he has surgery so you always have to be careful to set the time or date but overall look positive.”

Hazard is Optimistic With Chelsea’s Chelsea Chancellor League

Hazard is Optimistic With Chelsea’s Chelsea Chancellor League

Winger Chelsea Eden Hazard is optimistic with the Blues chance to embrace success in the upcoming 2017/2018 season.

The Belgian is currently struggling with injuries, and has yet to appear to defend Chelsea in three league opening matches. The team will be undergoing the season, without being reinforced by Diego Costa, who clashed with coach Antonio Conte. Even so, Hazard is optimistic if the players they have, is enough to make them compete.

“We want to win something big with Chelsea. At the start of the season, that’s what we always wanted. ”

“It’s never easy, and this year will be the same. But we are inhabited by great players, and we have a great manager. So we are ready for this season. “

Messi reportedly did not want to renew the contract in Barcelona

Messi reportedly did not want to renew the contract in Barcelona

Argentine superstar Lionel Messi, reportedly has no intention to extend the contract with FC Barcelona Agen Bola Terpercaya.

Based on reports published by Radio Estadio on Sunday (3/9/2017), Messi has preached to FC Barcelona that he was reluctant to add to the period of service.

The news certainly brings anxiety for the management of clubs and fans.

Therefore, the 30-year-old player’s contract will expire on July 30, 2018.

“Messi has no intention of renewing the contract until the end of the year and by 2018 he will be a free agent,” Radio Estadio wrote.

In fact, one day earlier, Vice President of Social Affairs Barcelona, ​​Albert Soler, stated that the contract extension Messi will soon be done in the near future.

Soler also claims a deal with the Messi.

If Messi’s contract extension does not happen, all the European giants will certainly compete hard to get the star signature without transfer fee.

They are expected to give the lure, both in terms of money and guarantees of achievement, so that Messi would join.

Can also, in order to avoid the status of free transfer, Barcelona will melego Messi in January 2018.

Tucked nominally 300 million euros (equivalent to Rp 4.75 trillion) as a release clause in the Messi contract.

The figure will make Messi as the world’s most expensive player, ahead of Neymar who valued 222 million euros by Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).