Rahmad Darmawan Acknowledge Communications with Persib

Rahmad Darmawan Acknowledge Communications with Persib

Coach T-Team in Malaysia Super League 2017, Rahmad Darmawan, rumored to be coach Persib Bandung for 2018 season Fansbetting99.com. Former Indonesian national team coach U-23 was not denied if there is a communication that exists between himself and Persib management.

Rahmad Darmawan Persib radar entry to be a team architect next season. Maung Bandung management wants to find the right figure to fill the position of head coach next season considering the position of Emral Abus only as a temporary head coach.

Persib was seriously menggaet Rahmad Darmawan. The coach, who has just arrived in Indonesia after Malaysia Super League 2017 competition ended, admitted there was a communication Persib done with him. Only, the coach who is familiarly called RD is still reluctant to talk much about the possibility of handling Persib next season considering there is still a contract with the current club, T-Team.

“I have only been in Indonesia for two days because of the competition leave in Malaysia,” said Rahmad Darmawan. “We have some communication, but we should see it later because I have a contract with T-Team.”

Rahmad Darmawan admitted his contract with the new T-Team will end in 2018. Thus, of course, RD has a bargaining value.

In addition, Rahmad Darmawan’s success in rescuing the T-Team from the brink of degradation also has two fishing lines, whether the T-Team will retain the RD or still entrust the team to the coach who is the former coach of Persija Jakarta, Sriwijaya FC and Persipura Jayapura.

However, not only Rahmad Darmawan, Persib reportedly also has several candidates. This was disclosed Commissioner of PT Persib Bandung Dignity, Zaenuri Hasyim. Only, Zaenuri reluctant to mention who the candidates who have been collected to be elected to coach Maung Bandung next season.

PSBS Biak Sure Can Points at Persebaya Cage

PSBS Biak Sure Can Points at Persebaya Cage

PSBS Biak is optimistic to steal points when hosted by Persebaya Surabaya in the inaugural match of the last 16 of Group C League 2 at Gelora Bung Tomo Stadium on Friday (9/22/2017).

PSBS Biak coach, Franky Samai confirmed if 100% of players ready to go down in the inaugural game. He considered Persebaya is a good team because it is very compact.

“According to my perspective this Persebaya all the lines should be watch out for not just the front line, middle and back they are a compact team, and our team is ready 100% motivated to play against group winners with thousands of fans who see,” said Franky, Thursday (21 / 9/2017).

Franky expects the match against Persebaya will be tight. Because Bajul Ijo has three players from Papua and a coach who has handled teams from Papua.

“Playing opponents of this Papuan club that we’ve been waiting for and playing in front of thousands of supporters is the biggest challenge for players to be trained,” continued Franky.

Meanwhile Daniel Karedi, PSBS Biak team manager hopes tomorrow gives an interesting spectacle for the audience. “Our team is ready to play and I hope to give you the best game in this early game,” he said.

Perseru Vs Madura United, Gomes Focus Raise Back Line

Perseru Vs Madura United, Gomes Focus Raise Back Line

Madura United do not want to lose more points to remain competitive in the top flight of League 1.

Coach Gomes de Oliviera also asked his players to play more tightly in the back line when dealing with Perseru Serui at Marora Stadium, Monday (28/07/2017) afternoon.

Before this match was held, Madura United’s defense is in the spotlight because it is too easy to break into the opponent’s attack.

“We always create a lot of chances and score goals, even when playing in the cage opposite,” said Gomes.

“Now, we have to think about keeping the goal, but the opponent can not score against our goal,” he said.

Of the last three games, Madura United’s back line recorded seven conceded goals.

The worst record occurred when I met Bali United at I Wayan Dipta Stadium in the 19th week.

Madura United conceded five goals and only able to reply two goals.

Meanwhile, two more conceded happened while undergoing an away game to the headquarters of Persela Lamongan and Persija Jakarta.

Gomes optimistic bad record can be terminated in the game against Perseru.

The Brazilian coach admitted that he has given a lot of special training materials for the duo Fachruddin Aryanto and Fabiano Beltrame more tough again.

In addition, Gomes juge optimistic because seeing Perseru squad is actually not too special when compared to Madura United.

“I think Madura United have a better team than Perseru,” he said.

“However, we still should not underestimate their strength,” said former Persiram Raja Ampat coach this.

The Reason Andik Vermansah Appears When Indonesia Vs Cambodia

The Reason Andik Vermansah Appears When Indonesia Vs Cambodia

Andik Vermansah witnessed the final match of Group B match when Indonesia against Cambodia at Shah Alam Stadium, Malaysia, Thursday (24/08/2017) Poker Online. He “brings up” himself to deny all the negative things about him in the case of a reversed flag being crowded.

The last time, Andik included a figure who was attacked by a citizen after Malaysia made a mistake of installing the Indonesian flag in reverse in SEA Games 2017 guidebook. This makes Andik angry and confessed embarrassed by what the citizen assumes.

“My hot ear can comment not like that,” said Andik.

“The second match (vs Timor Leste) I actually watched, just do not want to know people, I sit in the corner stands, and now I just came out because my heat is associated with the flag case,” added Andik.

Before the game Indonesia vs. Cambodia, Andik also uploaded a video on Instagramstory that contained his anger over the reactions of the warganet. Andik said that while in Malaysia, he felt comfortable and did not feel the impact of rivalitas Indonesia and Malaysia.

“All the welcome to me, I do not defend Malaysia, this is neighboring country.” Initially I went to Malaysia is also doubtful with the rivalry of these two countries, but I am here, “said Andik.

Indonesian versus Cambodian duel ended with a score of 2-0 for the victory of Garuda Young. As a result, Luis Milla troops qualify for the semifinals to meet champions Group A, Malaysia, on Saturday (26/08/2017).

Hansamu Yama: Vietnam Shown to Dominate, but …

Hansamu Yama: Vietnam Shown to Dominate, but …

Indonesia U-22 national team captain Hansamu Yama Pranata is grateful for a goalless draw against Vietnam on the fourth matchday of Group B of SEA Games 2017.

The match was held at the Stadium Majlis Perbandaran Selayang, Selangor, Malaysia, Tuesday (22/08/2017).

Throughout the game, Indonesia’s defense is under Vietnam’s pressure.

The team nicknamed The Golden Star has ball possession of 64 percent.

Vietnam’s dominance is also visible in terms of opportunities.

In total, Nguyen Huu Thang’s coaching team fired 13 shots which five of them were on target, while Indonesia had only six chances with one on target.

Indonesia was getting depressed since the 63rd minute after performing with 10 players.

Hanif Sjahbandi who plays as midfielder gets a second yellow card from referee Al Yaqoubi Omar Mubarak Mazarouai.

These conditions make Indonesia one point from this match as a positive result.

Moreover, the opportunity of Garuda Young Team to the semifinals is still open.

In the last game against Cambodia, Indonesia must achieve a minimum victory by a margin of three goals.

These results are needed to anticipate a draw between Thailand counter Vietnam on the same matchday.

Related to that, Hansamu Yama is grateful for the results obtained by Garuda Muda.

“We’ve been fighting a lot and the players are working hard and we’re still grateful for this result,” Hansamu said after the match.

“We admit, Vietnam is more dominant, but we can hold it, let alone just play with 10 players,” he said.

In addition, the captain was reminded that his colleagues do not underestimate Cambodia.

“In the last game we have to win big against Cambodia, but we all do not underestimate them,” he said.

In the last match of Group B, Indonesia will face Cambodia at the Shah Alam Stadium, Selangor, Malaysia, on Thursday (24/08/2017) at 15.00 pm.

Naturalized players Timnas Ramai-Ramai Celebrate the 72nd anniversary of RI

Naturalized players Timnas Ramai-Ramai Celebrate the 72nd anniversary of RI

The naturalized player who has defended the Indonesian national team feel the glory of the 72nd anniversary of the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia. From Stefano Lilipaly to Diego Michiels, they have already contributed to the Garuda squad.

Through Instagram, Lilipaly uploaded a photo when he defended the Indonesian national team in AFF Cup 2016. He seemed to lift the flag Red and White around the field after ensuring the AFF Cup final ticket.

“The 72nd Birth of the Republic of Indonesia !!”, wrote Fano – once the 27-year-old man is familiarly called.

Lilipaly once represented the Dutch national team at the young age level, ranging from U-15 to U-18. But in 2011, he took Indonesian citizenship following his father, Ron, who came from Ambon, Maluku.

The Dutch player who was sworn into another WNI is Diego Michiels. If Lilipaly takes home the AFF Cup runner-up title, Diego and the Indonesian national team U-23 presents three silver medals in different arena.

At SEA Games 2011 and 2013, U-23 national team became runner-up. While in the event of Islamic Solidarity Games 2013 Palembang, Diego and his friends also got a silver medal after losing from Palestine in the final.