Cedric Ready to Help Southampton Better

Cedric Ready to Help Southampton Better

Defender Southampton, Cedric Soares insists he wants to bring his team in the summer to achieve success.

Soton last season was quite satisfactory show that managed to advance to the final of the EFL Cup, but unfortunately failed to beat Manchester United at Wembley at that time and they also managed to finish in papa middle of the English League.

However, the retainer of Portugal’s 25-year-old national team will try to give the best in the domestic league and also other tournaments. Because the club is based in St Mary is one of the good club.

“Southampton are a great team and over the years we have proven it, so we need to continue and prove it every year and we want to have a name in the Premier League, too.”

“Where it is our duty as a player and our target, which we are also now focusing on.

“I think all the players here have the same mentality here. We want to accomplish something more and this is a target in our mind. Surely we will have a good season. “Cedric Soares said on the club’s official website.

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