Ronaldo Returns Show Social Soul Help Fire Victims

Ronaldo Returns Show Social Soul Help Fire Victims

Real Madrid star, Cristiano Ronaldo, again showed his generosity This time, he pays the entire cost of care for victims affected by wildfires in Portugal.

Ronaldo’s country in the last year was hit by a terrific forest fire. Recorded, there are 64 people died and about 370 casualties who suffered injuries and shortness of breath and were treated at a local hospital.

The former Manchester United star was clearly moved to help his brother there. He then coordinates with related parties to finance all the victims until they are fully healed. One of Ronaldo’s fanbase accounts on Facebook revealed the generosity of the former Manchester United star.

“Cristiano Ronaldo paid medical treatment for 370 people in a forest fire in Portugal, and Ronaldo’s generosity got a lot of praise, one of which came from Portugal’s Lurdes Domingues,” Thank you champion, you have a heart of gold. ”

Ronaldo himself recently expressed his gratitude for the local fire fight. He hopes that the calamity that occurred in Madeira could soon be over.

“My heart is sad to see what’s happening there, my support and thanks to all the firefighters who dare to risk the lives of saving many people I am with you,” Ronaldo said on his personal Facebook page.

Last weekend, the fire in Madeira is becoming increasingly becoming. It has been four months since this fire has not been extinguished that caused Portigal Interior Minister, Costanca Urbana de Sousa to resign.

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