Souness: Lukaku Can Be Greater Of Drogba!

Souness: Lukaku Can Be Greater Of Drogba!

Graeme Souness believes that Romelu Lukaku has the potential to get past Didier Drogba’s goal record.

In the last six games, the Belgian striker successfully contributed six goals, and Souness publicly stated that the striker is a sensational player.

“I think he is a sensational player,” the former Newcastle United manager told reporters.

“In the present era, getting a central striker, with his playing style, is a very difficult thing to do. Most of them, always interested in the ball. ”

“But Lukaku is an ancient striker, who likes to play by utilizing the width of the penalty box. He wants to run forward without mastering the ball.

“When you talk about ways to stretch the team, if you are a midfielder, you will want a player who is always away from you. It gives you more space and time. ”

“I think the strength, speed, and energy of my Lukaku, is something that is hard to find in the present era.”

“In many aspects, he is a striker with ancient characteristics. He is Drogba! For me, he can even be a player more powerful than Drogba. “

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