The Reason Andik Vermansah Appears When Indonesia Vs Cambodia

The Reason Andik Vermansah Appears When Indonesia Vs Cambodia

Andik Vermansah witnessed the final match of Group B match when Indonesia against Cambodia at Shah Alam Stadium, Malaysia, Thursday (24/08/2017) Poker Online. He “brings up” himself to deny all the negative things about him in the case of a reversed flag being crowded.

The last time, Andik included a figure who was attacked by a citizen after Malaysia made a mistake of installing the Indonesian flag in reverse in SEA Games 2017 guidebook. This makes Andik angry and confessed embarrassed by what the citizen assumes.

“My hot ear can comment not like that,” said Andik.

“The second match (vs Timor Leste) I actually watched, just do not want to know people, I sit in the corner stands, and now I just came out because my heat is associated with the flag case,” added Andik.

Before the game Indonesia vs. Cambodia, Andik also uploaded a video on Instagramstory that contained his anger over the reactions of the warganet. Andik said that while in Malaysia, he felt comfortable and did not feel the impact of rivalitas Indonesia and Malaysia.

“All the welcome to me, I do not defend Malaysia, this is neighboring country.” Initially I went to Malaysia is also doubtful with the rivalry of these two countries, but I am here, “said Andik.

Indonesian versus Cambodian duel ended with a score of 2-0 for the victory of Garuda Young. As a result, Luis Milla troops qualify for the semifinals to meet champions Group A, Malaysia, on Saturday (26/08/2017).

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